USR PLUS debate: “The Romanian capital market – present and future”

The USR PLUS parliamentarians organized, on Thursday, a debate on the Romanian capital market, with the participation of the Minister of Economy, Claudiu Năsui, and of the representatives of the main actors in the field. The discussions focused on the challenges of the capital market, the National Strategy for Capital Market Development and the opportunity to list state-owned companies on the Stock Exchange. Also, the USR PLUS parliamentarians wanted to find out from the guests what legislative changes would be required to improve the functioning of the capital market.

We have many companies under the Ministry of Economy, many are not listed, but I think we need to take steps in that direction. And in the case of the few listed companies, I think we need to expand the package that is listed a little bit. Unfortunately, we are limited by Law 173/2020, whose amendment is still blocked in the Chamber of Deputies. We all saw how listing UiPath on the New York Stock Exchange was an occasion of national pride. Why shouldn’t it be a subject of national pride when we list at home, on the Bucharest Stock Exchange? Just because a company is listed doesn’t mean we’re losing it. The shareholders will also be Romanian, the funds also from Romania. If we look at what has happened in the last 30 years in Romania, we see that this ownership structure also matters a lot for the company’s management.It is not enough to give performance indicators and a mandate to managers, there must be an active interest for the company to go well. So, the solution for these companies is precisely the listing, because it brings a plus both in terms of active interest in the smooth running of the company, and transparency, because the capital market has specific rules, which make poor management more difficult.“, Declared the Minister of Economy, Claudiu Năsui.

The Minister of Economy stressed, in the context, that in order for the capital market to work well, it is necessary for the economy to work well, to be healthy. And in this sense, the reforms initiated by USR PLUS, debureaucratization, reduction of administrative burden and fiscal burden are particularly important.

” USR PLUS is the unconditional supporter of the development of the capital market, of the simplification and deregulation of the market, so that things can be as simple as possible, and in competition with the markets in our area we can be attractive for both private investors and investors big. I believe that bank loans and attracting funds from the capital market are complementary, they are various tools that should be available to companies and we must make sure that we do not discourage one of them through regulations. We will analyze the primary legislation to see what we can change “, said the USR PLUS deputy Viorel Băltărețu.

” The capital market is undoubtedly an important alternative to financing the real economy. The current financing system, based predominantly on loans, makes the economy substantially dependent on banks. So, in order to reduce the dependence and concentration of the pressure on the banking system, we need a healthy alternative offer that the capital market can represent. We will support from the Parliament the legislative solutions that can further facilitate the access of SMEs to the capital market and that can favor its sustainable development “, said the USR PLUS senator Claudiu Mureșan.

” I am glad that so many people accepted our invitation and that we were able to discuss all these challenges and problems of the capital market and with the Minister of Economy. USR PLUS has had and still has the availability to dialogue with all parties involved and to collaborate to identify the best solutions. There are many issues that need to be improved, including the work of the Financial Supervisory Authority, and I hope to have more meetings like this to structure the proposals and include them in legislative proposals so that things really move. ” , said USR PLUS senator Silvia Dinica.

The event was organized by USR PLUS deputy Viorel Băltărețu and USR PLUS senators Silvia Dinică and Claudiu Mureșan. They participated – together with Claudiu Năsui, Minister of Economy – Radu Hanga, president of the Bucharest Stock Exchange, Adrian Tănase, CEO of the Bucharest Stock Exchange, Dan Paul, president of the Brokers Association, Jan Pricop, executive director of the Fund Managers Association, Horia Gustă, president Association of Fund Managers, Daniela Șerban, President of the Association for Investor Relations on the Romanian Stock Exchange, Radu Crăciun, President of the Association for Private Managed Pensions in Romania (APAPR), Andreea Pipernea, APAPR Vice President, Mihai Bobocea, APAPR Secretary General, Florin Andrei Secretary of State in the Ministry of Public Finance, Valentin Ionescu, Director of the Financial Supervision Authority,Cristian Popa, member of the Board of the National Bank of Romania.

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